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Posted by spaceman on: 2010-8-21 1:08:29 (1483 reads)

I had an email from Denis' friend Mr.Pellerin yesterday. He told me Denis' mother's name was Laureane.

I hear that Mr.Pellerin and Denis were at the same elementary school and high school from grade 1 to grade 12 and they were neighbours and good friends.

Thank you Mr.Pellerin!!

Posted by spaceman on: 2009-4-5 10:03:20 (1339 reads)

I made one music video of Andersonville (1997).
Denis Forest played Mad Matthew.

His appearance scenes are not many. But Denis gives a vivid portrayal of the harshness of Andersonville. I think that his performance will move anyone who sees it. His performance is real and amazing!

Posted by spaceman on: 2009-2-28 11:27:29 (1481 reads)

I added pamphlet of Denis' art exhibition in Artwork page.


This art exhibition was held from August 25 to September 6, 2004 in his native place Ottawa. The art pamphlet written with both English and French. That's awesome! Please don't miss it!

This is a gift from Denis' friend Paula.
Paula, Many Many thanks for your precious gift!!!

Posted by spaceman on: 2009-2-26 5:07:25 (1201 reads)

I received email from Denis friend Jeff last week. He gave me information about his art show.

Also Jeff wrote about the day before Denis passed away. I added it on his biography.

I corrected information of his art show, and I added some information about his art show.

Check the following address.



I'm most grateful to Jeff for his help.

Posted by spaceman on: 2009-2-22 16:36:26 (1324 reads)

I made one music video of Denis' starring movie, La Grenouille et la Baleine (aka Tadpole and the Whale). This is original French version.

I'm always fascinated by his wonderful acting. his performance are amazing and very charming. You should not miss this video!

Posted by spaceman on: 2009-1-21 20:41:09 (1427 reads)

I added Mini Gallery of "FORD: THE MAN AND THE MACHINE".

Mini Gallery of Ford: The Man And The Machine

And more contents about this TV-MOVIE are follows.

Character guide (only Japanese)

DVD Cover



Posted by spaceman on: 2009-1-21 20:33:09 (1272 reads)

I added Mini Gallery of The Mask!

Denis played Sweet Eddy very charming!

Posted by spaceman on: 2008-11-2 17:44:49 (1356 reads)

I added first season DVD cover of FRIDAY THE 13TH THE SERIES.

This dvd includes all episodes of season one. DVD features are "lunch promo" and "sales presentation".

You can see DVD-cover photo, screenshot and description.
Please click the below.


Posted by spaceman on: 2008-9-5 11:42:42 (1197 reads)

I made Denis' two wallpapers of "NEW CRIME CITY" and "TADPOLE AND THE WHALE".

Check "wallpapers" in this section to download them!

Posted by spaceman on: 2008-7-25 12:38:19 (1376 reads)

I added 7 new wallpapers from "Pacific Blue". Denis played villain Jordan Cane on first season episode, HEATWAVE. Yeah, he's so cool!

You can download them in WALLPAPER of this section.

Posted by spaceman on: 2008-7-19 4:51:23 (1160 reads)

I added dvd-disc photo of "La Grenouille et la baleine".
This is my personal print-disc.

Posted by spaceman on: 2008-7-8 4:18:20 (1397 reads)

Hello guys!

To my joy, I found a video of "I-Man: Den of Thieves" on Youtube! I was able to watch this episode for the first time today. I'm happy!

I posted four video clips in forum. Of course, as you wellknow Denis' villain role is very well and cool! Don't miss it!

Also I updated tv-guest appearances. Added one icon of Denis as Dante.

Posted by spaceman on: 2008-7-7 14:21:49 (1153 reads)

Hello Folks!

I added one link of X Files in links page.

It is an article about one of his guest appearances episode in this series, PROVENANCE. That's written in čeština and includes Denis' three photographs.

THE X-FILES #9.9: PROVENANCE - Kult X (čeština)

Posted by spaceman on: 2008-7-5 18:04:03 (1410 reads)


I added episode guide of "CUPID'S QUIVER" on my FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE SERIES fan page.

The language of that site is Japanese, but you can see there many photographs of this episode. Visit and enjoy!

Posted by spaceman on: 2008-6-10 22:48:04 (1127 reads)

Kaori introduced the renewal of this site in her blog.

And I added it on links page.

Thanks to Kaori! I'm happy!

Posted by spaceman on: 2008-6-10 19:44:27 (1115 reads)

It is a mini video-clip gallery that includes six mini video clips of his sweet kiss scene. All scenes are SO LOVELY!!

I'm sure it is a one of the new contents which no Denis lover should miss!!

Posted by spaceman on: 2008-6-8 1:45:29 (1145 reads)


This is a new mini gallery of Denis' private photographs. I scanned his original photographs and made this gallery. All photographs are gift from Denis' family for his fan!

Denis was such a lovely child as to want to hug with a beautiful blond. Denis' smile is gentle when he held his nephew Luk in his arm. He's always good-looking and very charming!

We are very lucky because we can see such a precious photographs and feel his loving memory!

Posted by spaceman on: 2008-6-4 14:53:57 (1329 reads)

I made nine new flash for this renewal. I want to hear your favorite! Check this topic at forum!

Posted by spaceman on: 2008-4-2 9:00:43 (1359 reads)

I changed blog theme today.

In this new version, two title photographs are displayed at randomness. One is Malzor (The War of the Worlds) and the other one is Larry (Top Cops). Both characters are my favorite!